10 healthy, easy and balanced breakfast ideas

If you feel tired in the morning or have trouble concentrating, this could be the reason I don’t eat a good breakfast. To start the day on the right foot. And breakfast is the first meal you eat after a night’s rest. You will eat fast in it The longest time they offer each day: hours of sleep.

So, when you wake up, it is important to take oneBalanced and complete breakfastThis will give you the energy and nutrients you need.

Everything should include breakfast

He Breakfast It should be guessed between 20 and 25% of daily calories And like any other staple food, provide all the nutrients your body needs. You’ll find this with dairy products (skimmed to pack essential calcium and no fat), whole grains (which give you energy and keep you satiated) and fresh fruit (vitamin C wakes you up in the morning and boosts your immune system).

  • Fiber should not be lost at breakfast. Even if you don’t suffer from constipation, fiber is always an ally. If you are very active, High fiber foods Also “then”. Energy slowly. If you sit down, they fill you up for hours, so you “kill” your hunger and don’t eat during the day. In addition, fiber helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol in the intestine.
  • Overall, it’s a decent breakfast, though Should I follow this formula if I am on a diet, wake up very early or have constipation? Basically yes, but with numbers. Note that and Make breakfast a good partner To make you feel better.

When you wake up, it is important to have a nutritious and complete breakfast, which will allow you to fill the necessary energy and nutrients.

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