20 Quick and Easy Meals to Make Anytime!

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Recipes with fish, chicken or beef, vegetables, fast food preparations such as pizzas or hot dogs. what?You don’t have much time to cook, but you would like to cook something delicious? In this guide, you can find a selection of the easiest and fastest meals that you can prepare at any time. They are the perfect option whether you don’t have time or feel like cooking, but want to enjoy a delicious meal that tastes good.

20 easiest and fastest recipes to get rid of trouble

Below you can find a selection of the easiest and fastest recipes that you can prepare anytime without spending a lot of time to enjoy a good meal.

Baked chicken is a delicious recipe that requires almost no preparation. Turn on the oven, put the chicken on a tray, season with lemon, spices or according to taste and let it cook.

baked chicken

A healthy and quick meal is to take the fish you like best and put it in the oven to cook with sauce or seasonings. Rich, simple and very quick to prepare.

Baked salmon with vegetables

You can put one of the prepared ones from any supermarket in the oven or buy the puff pastry, spread it on the table, add the ingredients that you like the most and bake. You have a meal of 10 in less than 10 minutes.


  • Onion rings and calamari

Making some onion rings or calamari rings in a skillet or pan is another easy and quick meal option. Together with potatoes or salad, they become an ideal lunch or dinner to get along.

Onion rings

  • You can see more options from this other information, where we leave you with a selection of the best recipes for light and quick dinners
  • Fried egg.

The recipe for eggs on a plate is one of the most classic Spanish dishes, quick and delicious. Casserole, peas, roasted tomatoes and some eggs. Cook and enjoy.

Fried egg

If you don’t have a lot of ingredients in the fridge, this recipe is an ideal rescue. Sliced ​​bread, lettuce or whatever vegetable you like best, sausage, hard boiled egg or whatever you can think of to combine. The result? A great multi-layered sandwich that you can put together in minutes.

multi-storey senudich

  • Fresh sausages with potatoes or salad

If you have fresh sausages at home, you have a delicious meal. You need to cook them only in a pan, you can do it on a grill or in wine. And accompany them with the decoration you want the most.

Fresh sausage recipe

A quick and healthy meal is to cook hot dogs. How? Put the dog sausage to cook, heat the bread, add the sauces and the accompaniment that you like the most and that’s it.


Hamburger is a recipe that serves both lunch and dinner. And its preparation will hardly take you time. Cook the meat and take out of the refrigerator the ingredients that accompany you the most. And that’s it, enjoy!


  • Hake and vegetable papillote

Fillet of fish that you like the most, some chopped vegetables and a splash of oil. Wrap in aluminum foil and bake. And enjoy a delicious fish dish with baked vegetables within half an hour.

Baked hake

Beat a few eggs, a pinch of salt and whatever ingredient you like best. Chorizo, turkey, ham, cheese, peas and anything you can imagine. Heat the pan with a little oil, pour the contents and that’s it. A rich, light meal and one of the quickest dishes to make.


Similar to the previous recipe, you can make a delicious and healthy recipe with a few eggs, garlic and asparagus. Cook the asparagus with garlic, beat the eggs and mix everything in the pan. voila!

Boiled asparagus

  • Chicken quesadilla with vegetables

Fajita bread, chicken breast and vegetables to taste. With these three ingredients, you can make a delicious hot quesadilla recipe that can save you trouble. And to enjoy the sweetness of the recipe, don’t forget to add cheese.


  • recipes with eggs. This is a very versatile food that you can get by with and enjoy a very tasty meal. You can get some ideas from this other guide where we explain 20 ways to make quick and easy eggs.
  • Homemade chicken nuggets

Cut the chicken breast, coat the pieces in egg and breadcrumbs and put them in the pan. Accompany it with chips and enjoy.


  • Spaghetti or pasta with minced meat

You can choose the pasta that you like the most. Whether it’s pasta, vegetarian pasta, spaghetti or noodles among others. We put it to cook, and in the meantime, we cook the minced meat with spices in a pan. After the two preparations are ready, add fried tomatoes to the meat, mix and let the tomatoes integrate well and finally add the pasta. Transfer everything and to a plate.

Spaghetti with minced meat

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