5 expert tips to eat the best yogurt after the day

It is probably one of the foods that we consume most during breakfast. YogurtThis dairy product can be accompanied by a small piece of fruit, cereal, or enjoyed alone as a morning meal supplement or snack. But what happens when we buy this product at the supermarket and put it in the refrigerator for two days and want to use it? due date He passed. It is obviously safe to use even if it is out of date.

Experts who are faced with these doubts Houston Methodist Hospital They explain about the myths about the packaging of fairy products. As part of the information on the label and packaging of this food, we have seen that they indicate the “use by…” date of ideal consumption, however, these legends do not say that the product is safe after consumption. expiration date. According to experts. Expiration dates The quality of the product, which ensures freshness and taste, is predictable.

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