6 healthy breakfasts that can be prepared the night before

Getting up during the week with enough time to prepare a delicious breakfast and enjoy it quietly at the table is often complicated. Too often we’ll eat anything (usually an unhealthy or unhealthy option) if we don’t skip it altogether.

Although we hear it ad nauseam that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, nutritionists today maintain that the key is to choose quality foods and that skipping breakfast is better than eating refined grains. Sugar-laden spreads or commercial juices.

Either way, a good breakfast always helps us start the day off on the right foot and most importantly it helps us avoid eating something from the vending machine in the morning.

A good option to have breakfast in a healthy way, but without setting the alarm in advance, is to leave breakfast ready the night before and it is really quick and easy to prepare. Most of the ideas we present have advantages that are “made” by themselves in the fridge and are easily adapted to each individual’s preferences and preferences.

1. Night oats


From the creators of the same “porridge”, “night oats” now reach our tables, which is nothing more than oat flakes left to drink in milk or vegetable drink all night. At this point, the oats dry out and release their starch, making the milk creamier. The ratio between oats and liquid will vary depending on how thick or thin you like it. In general, you should calculate two parts of liquid for one part of oats. In any case, if you see that the preparation is too dry the next morning, you should add a little milk or some yogurt.

From this base, you can let your imagination run wild. An idea to sweeten it and give it more flavor is to add vanilla extract, cinnamon, cardamom… to enrich it, you can add pieces of fruit (banana, red berries…), it will be crunchy by adding nuts, pumpkin or sunflower seeds or granola, or a little more cream. Give it nut cream; In all cases, you can combine oats with milk or include these supplements before eating in the morning.

If you have leftover cooked rice or quinoa (preferably unsalted), you can use them for breakfast the next day; Just follow the same instructions for overnight oats and use them as an oat substitute.

2. Yogurt and fruit parfait

Granola with strawberries


The simplest and most basic version of this breakfast involves mixing yogurt with chopped fruit. Standing overnight will combine the juice and flavor. But if you prefer something more complex and, above all, more colorful, you can opt for a parfait. You just have to choose a glass case (it is better to use a more consistent type of Greek) and alternating layers between fruit layers and yogurt. If you like, you can also add chopped nuts, granola or muesli for a “crunchy” touch.

Instead of fresh fruit, you can use homemade sugar-free compote. You should cook the fruit you want (preferably ripe, to make it tastier) on a low heat until it is very soft. To give it extra flavor, you can spice it up by adding cinnamon sticks, lemon peel, vanilla extract, or fresh mint to the cooking water.

3. Chia pudding

Chia pudding with strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, blueberries and pumpkin

Ekaterina Goncharova

It couldn’t be easier and faster to prepare. Just mix 3 tablespoons of chia seeds with half a glass of milk or a vegetable drink of your choice (a good shake is important) and let it rest overnight so that the seeds release their mucilaginous compounds and enter the liquid. The result will be a thick and elastic pudding. If you want, you can mix chia with flax seeds (the result will be very similar) or with oat flakes; In the latter case, the texture will not be like gelatin.

To make the pudding even sweeter, cocoa powder, peanut butter (or other nut butter), or crushed fruit can be added to our milk or vegetable drink.

And like “overnight oats” the next morning we can cover it with the foods we want: fruit, nuts, sugar-free compote…

4. Smooth the milkshake

Soft or vegetable shake

Olena Ruban

Not all vibrations are the same. If we want something that is healthy and gives us enough energy to get through a meal without feeling hungry, we need to include proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats in it. To do this, choose a liquid base (milk, vegetable drink or water) and mix it with your favorite fruits (banana, berries, mango…) and vegetables (spinach, lamb’s lettuce, cabbage, pumpkin…). . It is important to give priority to vegetables, because in general, they have less sugar than fruits and this prevents you from having a “drop” in the middle of the morning.

Although fruits and vegetables provide carbohydrates, you can add a handful of oatmeal or other sugar-free cereal, but not too much. In protein, you can add protein powder (there are different flavors or neutral flavor), yogurt or fresh shake. To include healthy fats, just add a teaspoon of nut cream or avocado, which also adds creaminess.

It is important to store it in an airtight container to prevent the soft rust from forming.

5. Energy balls

Vegan truffles

Vladislav Nosick / 500 pixels

They are suitable for breakfast but also as a snack; You can also take them anywhere without any problem.

Many ingredients can be used to make them, but the most common is a mixture of nuts and oatmeal, in which you can also add seeds (sesame, chia…). You can add cooked chickpeas, yogurt or fresh grated cheese to increase your protein intake. You can use nut cream or sesame or coconut oil to bind the dough; To give sweetness, dry fruits such as dates or dried apricots; And spices to add flavor (cinnamon, vanilla essence, clove powder…), cocoa or shredded coconut.

You have to grind everything well until you get a uniform paste, make balls with wet hands and coat them in crushed coconut, sesame, cocoa if you want. To strengthen the refrigerator.


Cheese fried plate


It is a suitable option for those who prefer salty breakfast; They also allow you to use dinner leftovers, which eliminates food waste and makes the preparation much easier. Any leftovers can be vegetables, meat, fish or rice or pasta. Break them up only if necessary, mix them with beaten eggs and cheese, and instead of putting the mixture in a pan or in the oven as usual, pour it into individual bowls or muffin tins and cook mini-frittatas in the microwave. time.

If you want to cut calories while increasing protein, just replace all eggs with whites.

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