6 sweet and savory recipes to make winter days romantic

In the mood for something sweet? Here are six easy ways to satisfy this need.

Crispy Gingerbread Cookie by Michael Antoja

Mikel Antoja

If you’re one of those people who don’t handle winter well and miss the warm afternoons and long days, you can definitely make the cold and rainy days a little more romantic with these delicious recipes. In addition, no one can resist the sweet Cheese cake Or homemade delights to sip on hot chocolate while watching a movie with a blanket on top. We guide you step by step to become a pasta expert.

Orange cake


Orange cake

You can make this recipe with breakfast, for dessert or to end the day with a sweet delight. It’s still cold ahead of us and using fruits like oranges that provide fiber and vitamin C in your diet can be a good option to prevent common winter colds. This shows that you can’t stop eating this delicious preparation by Anna Casanova.

truffle cheesecake


truffle cheesecake

If you promise to bring delicious food to a meeting with your friends and want to impress them, try this recipe from Mikel Antoja and you will definitely be happy. Truffle is a perfect ingredient to succeed, especially if it is used to prepare traditional and creamy Cheese cake In addition to being rich, it is also very easy to prepare!

Rice flour mini-crepes


Rice flour mini-crepes

A safe and always delicious option. With this recipe from Fundacó Alicia you can prepare the best mini-crepes, but in a healthy and nutritious way. They are made from rice flour and accompanied by apples, which means they are low in fiber, easy to digest and very soft. Try it!

Insulting churros


Homemade and crafty sticks

If you already have hot chocolate, all you need is happiness! This quick and easy recipe is great to make on a cold weekend with a little rain. You only need five ingredients, the desire to cook and enjoy!

Crispy Gingerbread Cookie by Michael Antoja


Ginger Tart

When you finish this dessert, you will say: it looks like a restaurant. Follow chef and pastry chef Mikel Antoja’s simple steps to make this colorful tartlet with ginger, grapefruit and butter. It may require a little more preparation, but it is definitely worth it. It’s the perfect snack to share with the family or someone special.

Autumn coffee with chocolate and cinnamon cookies


Chocolate coffee and cinnamon cookies

Finally, if you want to add some extra sweetness to these delicious preparations, you can add some crepes or Cake Orange with this delicious coffee with chocolate and cinnamon cookies from Mikel Antoja. It works well for an afternoon of movies and blankets, which we enjoy so much in the winter.

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