ALDI BREAKFAST | Aldi listens to its customers and has reduced the price of breakfast that went viral

It is widely spoken. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Although it is difficult to find time to get down to work and prepare delicious and healthy recipes during the week, the weekend is the perfect time. There are those who prefer to go for simple but healthy foods that are as good as toast to get through because they are easily paired with both sweet and salty: butter, jam, peanut butter, avocado, etc. Although this type of breakfast, it has at least a recommended version to eat every day. Of course, the taste pleases everyone who puts it in their mouth.

One of these unique improvements hit supermarkets in the summer and its popularity spread like wildfire. It was a new concept of toast mixed with another classic. It comes from France and can be found in most supermarkets. Aldi It grows rapidly in Spain. It now has more than 350 supermarkets across the country. In the year The German chain, which saw the light of day in 2002, had a period of recovery from the crisis. They are presented as direct competition to Lidl as their business models are functionally similar and identified for similar purposes.

The supermarket chain never ceases to amaze its customers. Temporary items Delivered to your drawer and shelf every week. In addition to online deals, where many of these products continue to be purchased, customers can find products at very competitive prices by theme: DIY, crafts, clothing for adults and children, hygiene, cleaning, pets,

New products on sale will be in stores this week for a limited time starting February 22nd. Some breakfast products, sweets or other wishes will not be left. Among all the popular package price reduction Krupan, Bimbo’s new concept. It’s the kind of hybrid that turns each slice into “bread on the outside, crust on the inside.” Like toast, it is recommended to be toasted to improve the taste. The container has a total of 10 pieces – 380 grams – and the ingredients may include egg, soy or nuts. The price has decreased by 13%, so this week It will be 2.59 euros.

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