Castilian soup recipe with chestnuts from Aizpea Oihaneder


In the eastern part of the Sierra de Gredos, in the province of Avilais found the Castanar de Casillas. A chestnut forest that becomes a dream place in autumn. the naturalist of The Lord of the Woods, César Palacios, invites the actress Ana Alvarez to discover the hidden secrets of this chestnut grove.

In this natural environment they find the kitchen of the chef Aizpea Oihaneder, the perfect highlight of this step with a perfect recipe to warm up: Castilian soup with chestnuts and a crispy egg yolk tempura.

This is how it is done step by step

Here is the step-by-step recipe for 4 eaters.

Ana Álvarez, César Palacios and chef Aizpea Oihaneder. RTVE

Castilian soup recipe with chestnuts and crispy egg yolk Castilian soup recipe with chestnuts and crispy egg yolk soup
Ingredients Preparation
  • 100 g diced ham
  • 250 g of chestnuts
  • 2 liters of vegetable broth
  • 250 g stale bread
  • 6 cloves of garlic
  • 100 ml of beer
  • 20g paprika
  • For the egg yolk: 200 g flour
  • 300 g of sunflower oil
  • flake salt
  • 100 ml of beer
  • 4 egg yolks
  1. Saute the laminated garlic in oil and add the ham cubes. let sweat
  2. Then add the chopped chestnuts and paprika.
  3. Once this sauce is done, add the bread and cover with the sauce.
  4. For the egg yolk: Separate the egg yolks from the whites and leave them for 15 minutes in small holes in the flour so that they form a crust.
  5. On the other hand, prepare the tempura by adding the beer little by little until it has the desired texture.
  6. Heat the oil and fry. Salt to taste
  7. To serve, grate some chestnuts at the base and place the egg yolk in tempura. Then cover everything with the very hot soup.

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