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In Now or never We are going to Lisbon Portugallearn how to cook delicious basque cod and tempura. We do it hand in hand with Lucas Bernardes, chef at Eneko Lisboa restaurant owned by Basque Eneko Atxa (awarded 6 Michelin stars) An easy, delicious recipe that could be on the menu at any haute cuisine restaurant. Get ready to hallucinate with its flavor.

A Michelin star recipe that can be made at home

Cod is the fish par excellence Portugal, one of the most famous foods of the country. It is traditional to see it Portuguese style, grilled or the fabulous recipe for cod à Brás with eggs and potatoes.

Another place where this fish is also popular is Basque country, there they also have a great variety of techniques and processing from this food. but How about a fusion of the two cuisines? That’s what Eneko Atxa did, traveling to Lisbon with the aim of maximizing the best of each cuisine and always honoring the star product. TO:yes, this wonderful cod recipe came outso simple that it can be done anywhere. So, as the saying goes. “What’s good, if it’s short, it’s twice as good.”

Tempura cod is prepared like this.

cod in tempuracod in tempurafish
Ingredients Preparation
  • fresh cod tacos
  • Flour
  • Yeast
  • Oil
  • Sal:
  1. We prepare tempura with flour, water and yeast. All are well beaten.
  2. Dredge the cod taco in flour, then roll in the tempura.
  3. Put it in a frying pan with very hot oil for a few minutes until the tempura turns golden. It is recommended to accompany it with pepper sauce

Follow the recipe step by step with pictures.

Cut the cod into cubes RTVE:

Reboza el bacalao en harina RTVE:

Dip the cod in a tempura made of flour, water and yeast RTVE:

Fry it in very hot oil RTVE:

Remove it very carefully RTVE:

Cover the cod and you are ready to enjoy. RTVE:

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