El Pan Nuestro, a new gastronomic showcase in the center of Seville



Which station is our bread? Plaza del Pan has a new tenant that will catch all the eyes of passers-by. This is El Pan Nuestro, a stunning two-story restaurant that invites you to observe every detail through the large windows facing the street: large windows allow you to see and be seen from inside.

What is special about your location? It occupies one of the busiest corners of Seville’s pedestrian center and a building steeped in history that houses the old Sierra Bridal shop. It is known as the Roldan building and is dedicated to José Espú.

What does the institution offer? A wide gastronomic concept covering from breakfast to dinner and drinks.

how is the place It’s a two-story restaurant, with the ground floor designed for tapas in an elegant but informal setting, and the upper floor for a more formal lunch and dinner with a set menu. There is also space reserved for about ten groups and soon they will have a terrace in the Plaza del Pan itself.

Whose is it? It is behind a group of Sevillian-born partners and experienced in the hospitality sector. There are also nods to Argentina due to the presence of cooked meats from this country.

What are your kitchen strengths? There is fish coming out of the market and cooked meat coming out of their windows into the street. The stews also feature prominently on their menu, as do daily specials.

What can you take? There are Sevillian classics like shrimp salad, grilled anchovies or acorn-crusted Iberian cheeks.

Also homemade foie terrine, mullet potatoes with garlic prawns or marinated sardines. An Argentinian note is given by recipes such as veal heart sweet bread or meat empanada with a knife.

How is your choice of meat? From beef to Frisian ribeye, tomahawk or grilled strawberries with Creole sauce. Also the acorn-fed Iberian secret or acorn-fed pallet.

And your fish? Among other options they have Bilbao-style turbot, fried jig squid or squid with shiitake.

And desserts? They are artisan and range from rice pudding to brioche French toast and a selection of cakes (lemon, cheese or chocolate and dolce de leche).

How are the breakfasts? They have the typical Sevillian with a wide variety of breads and accompaniments and other international versions, such as English breakfast or bagels.

What warehouse do you have? There are around 80 references, from unique bottles like Vega Sicilia Unico or Flor de Pins to famous bottles like Protos or Ramon Bilbao.

Riojas and Riberas del Duero do, but there are sparkling, white and generous wines (in which case they can all be drunk). From Methuselah Wars to Manzanilla Gabriela.

What do you offer in the afternoon? The establishment does not close in the afternoon (shortly, the kitchen does not close during these hours either) and aims to be a meeting place for breakfast and drinks. They have desserts like Marcena Butter and Honey Cakes or Artisans.

What style does the interior design have? The design proposal comes from their own partners, who chose beautiful lines, vaulted ceilings and hydraulic floors. The tables on the upper floor are mostly clothed. The spiral staircase that connects both floors and decorative details, such as the tile on the wall on the ground floor or the exposed brick canvas in the private room, are very impressive.

where are they? Jesus of the Passion Square, 1.

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