How to make croissants in the air conditioner in a simple and fast way

One of them The most famous sweets of France It’s a croissant, that puff that has a soft buttery taste and looks like a crescent moon Perfect for both breakfast and snacks.Did you know that the best butter croissant in Spain is in Madrid?

Today we bring you a proposal that is as sweet as simple, a Croissant by Fredora de Aire That they will be ready in a few minutes and in the easiest and fastest way.

CrescentOleg Bannikov

Not to mention that you only need pre-made puff pastry dough and an egg to paint the surface of the croissant. You can also accompany them with jam or cocoa cream with Nutella-type hazelnuts.

And if you prefer a filled croissant, check out these delicious croissant fillings. You will find the most original fillings for all tastes, sweet or savory.

The key to making them smooth It is delicious inside and out and it is cooked in an air-conditioned room. We recommend that they be very small so that they are well done on the outside and soft on the inside.

How to make croissants in air fryer

How to make croissants in air fryerOleg Bannikov

  1. Cut the puff pastry First in half, and then in four. Divide the slices again as if you were slicing a pizza. We recommend that you help yourself with a pizza cutter to make the job easier.
  2. Form the crosses It is the last part to roll the very thin end by carefully rolling the parts inside. This way you get the exact shape of the classic croissant.
  3. Bake the croissants Preheat the air conditioner to 190ÂșC. Brush the crust with beaten egg, and carefully place in an air-cooled basket to bake for four minutes. Remove the basket from the air fryer, turn the noodles and cook again for another four minutes.

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