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The Goodness or Badness of Lenten Food In this season of malaise and depravity, it would be nice to write a column on the goodness or badness of the Lenten food that we put between the intestines and the esparto. Arms of Holy Week. And if you want to compare opinions, certainly our leader Juanmi Vega in La Recoggia will not make it ugly by going to appointments in various temples and houses where the art of traditional and popular recipes is done with wisdom and skill.

How about the cod with tomatoes or in a tortilla; Also with rice sarandonga!

Lenten stew, pavias, empedrao or garlic.

Spinach with chickpeas or mushroom crickets. Recipes for abstinence and living together.

We are already being pressured by politicians who say fasting and eating breakfast is not ecological. In this world of teletubbies management, we have to suffer, even if it is from Ikea, there is no well-rewarded head, and these new rich thinkers do not know what it is to take the hot way. A mile around the Gran Plaza, the real one, and not the digital one from El Correo de Andalucia, hard fried dough while we make churros while we hit the old PC keyboard.

Fasting involves eating one solid meal a day. Abstinence involves not eating meat. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of abstinence and fasting. Abstinence is obligatory from the age of fourteen and fasting from the age of eighteen to fifty-nine, but we are not here to fulfill the duties of the church or politicians. Home is your conscience.

The days of open windows that let odors escape in local highways are coming. Kitchens where Dalmatian pots refuse to be replaced by air fryers, where clay pots beat the microwave hand in hand, and baskets are crazy, the house’s large square continues to be marketed. You don’t play with your food and people.

The teacher Jose Antonio Garmendia used to say that everyone talks about the smell of Lent, but who does it about perfume?

The air smells of the mint plant in the pot, the mint stick in the syrup, the sweet water on her grandmother’s face.

Of course, we can’t forget the delicious trinity: French fries, pestinos and rice pudding. Delicious meals and low-cost snacks on the street that cost megawatts. And as everyone knows, French toast is from Ukraine.

Although for my French toast, I’ve been thinking of writing about something and I don’t even know what to tell you, although I won’t forget that we accept octopuses for company and company currency.

The IAC index (Almax Consumed Intake) and the balance fasting measures leave us in a useful position to go outside and see the levels.

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