Lizo’s Amazing Oatmeal Recipe That Made Everyone Tiktok Crazy

Lizo is taking the internet by storm again, but this time it’s not her new music. Instead, people rave about the delicious breakfast recipes she shares.

Three-time Grammy Award winner Lizo She’s no stranger to sharing delicious treats with her millions of fans, at least in the virtual world. Considering that it is his Instagram account @lizzobeatingyou like it.

On her Instagram, she shares how she cleverly makes jackfruit with a bag of spices and organic white wine vinegar, and on TikTok, she shows off some of her favorite takeout dishes, including delicious pasta salad, delicious cole slaw, rice, and many other vegetarian items. .

But in a recent Tik Tok post, Lizo He made breakfast for his more than 26 million followers and made them want more. Singer and foodie Lizo shares her best ways to start the day on a cold day. The joy she calls “natural oatmeal” or “natural oats” is based on coconut yogurt.

In her TikTok video, Lizo She adds flax and chia seeds to vegan yogurt, mixes it together, and puts it in the freezer to turn the mixture into what she calls a “sweet jelly.” Then she added the “Berry Trio,” which includes blackberries, blueberries, and pomegranates.

Bananas are then added to the sweet moon dish, and the dish is finished with a drizzle of cinnamon and honey. Although some reviews said it was more of a parfait than anything else, the dish seemed natural, sweet and creamy. However, the singer’s caption, full of emotion and seductive emojis, said it all. “If I see a single comment that says it’s a parfait, I’ll check it out.”

Lizo’s Awesome Oatmeal Recipe That Got Everyone Crazy On TikTok. Source: TikTok

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