Roast Ribs with Peppers and Tomatoes by Norma Duvall

He is in one of the happiest moments of his life. She’s just unveiled her new collection of high-heeled shoes (“comfortable,” yes) by her signature Mysoft brand, and it’s only been two months since her wedding to German businessman Matthias Kuhn, who. admits that he feels charmed. Although we saw her 100% in the last edition of Masterchef Celebrity, Norma Duvall admits that she did not conquer her husband through her stomach. “I’m not a cook, but from time to time I enjoy cooking. Now I’m doing something with Mathias, but something very simple.” Interestingly, this “small” attraction of cooking collides with the tastes of the house where he grew up, and that is that the star comes from a family passionate about gastronomy. “My mother was a phenomenal cook, my brother is a chef, and my three children love to cook,” he explains with a laugh, assuring that everyone loves to get into the kitchen, except for him. “My cousins ​​cook, my sister cooks, my brother-in-law… Everyone in the family likes to cook, but I devoted myself to other things,” he says regretfully.

However, he is very clear about which dish he stands out when we ask him for a culinary suggestion. “I will present you a recipe that we prepare at home. it belongs to my mother and it is a recipe made by my grandmother. They’re very homemade, and in this case it’s cod with roasted peppers and tomatoes.” A “delicious” and very easy-to-prepare dish that she describes as a truly “choice” dish. “In the past, when you couldn’t buy fresh fish, a lot of cod was thrown away. It is a very affordable, cheap, rich and tasty dish.” One of your loved ones? Undoubtedly, and this is because Norma Duvall not only has a good palate, but also does not eat meat, which reduces her chances of choosing any dish on the table. Is there no meat, we asked? “It’s a complete contradiction, but I only eat jabugo ham because it’s great,” he says with a laugh. I haven’t eaten the rest of the meat since small because my body has always rejected it.” Therefore, among sea dishes are some of his most cherished recipes.

“I have to admit, it’s nice to invite some friends over from time to time and cook for them,” he says. Baked shrimp, for example, is one of her signature recipes that she likes to dig into when she has visitors over. “I love it, and besides, it’s very easy to make. you fry the poor potatoes with some onions and put them as a bed of grass, into which you introduce slices of lemon. And only with this you get another delicious dish.” Sure looks good, though we’re stuck with it for now code (“it’s very important that it is desalted”) with roasted peppers and tomatoes.


  • desalinated cod
  • Onion
  • Natural tomatoes
  • Pepper

preparation mode

  • The cod is cut into small pieces, coated with flour and fried with a little oil until the flour catches. It is important not to add salt.
  • After taking the flour, remove the fish from the fire, drain it well, and in the same oil that remains, add the onion cut into julienne strips and fry it with a little water to cook it.
  • When the onion is half ready, add the pre-grated natural tomatoes. We prepare the sauce with these two ingredients as follows:
  • At the same time, roast the pepper in the oven. After cooking, they take it out, let it cool down, remove the skin and cut it vertically.
  • Pour tomato base sauce with onion and cod with pepper into a clay pot. We put it in the oven for 20 minutes and brown it for the last 3 or 4 minutes before finishing cooking.

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