“Taste of Lent” brings together Michelin Star recipes from the region

It Hospitality School of Caritas de Murcia notes his sixth birthday cone “The taste of Lent”. six videos with recipes for this time and in which Michelin Star chefs of the region. will be released Fridays on social networks of the Diocese of Carthage.

In the past, every wednesday it will be revealed who will be the main character of the video that week’s recipe and name, very diverse dishes based on fish and vegetables which reflect the essence of each of the chefs, which is very characteristic of this time of Lent, as stated: María de Leon, Media Delegate for Social Communication of the Diocese of Cartagena.

They participate in the videos Caritas Catering School Training Manager Paco Garcia and Antonio Amador, former student, an example of the essence of the center. With a large family and in a vulnerable situation, he studied at school and is now the head chef at Librilla’s restaurant.

Read michelin stars son Maria Gomez, from Magoga Restaurant; Nazario Cano, from El Odeón restaurant; Juan Guillamo of AlmaMater Restaurant and Pablo Gonzalez of Cabaña Buenavista Restaurantwho mentioned that he was proud to participate in this project at a time when the concept of the kitchen had changed.

During its six-year history, the Cáritas Hotel and Catering School has trained 1000 students and has a rate job placement 90 to 95%as approved Cristina Hernández, Head of Communications at Cáritas.

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