The famous fish that they sell in any fish farm and doctors ask not to eat

In circles feeding healthy and balanced it is obvious as well as needs to be added fish. It is food Natural origin brings great benefits to our health, and there is no doubt about it.

Now, not all kinds fish that we can find in the market are just as healthy. There is one in particular that is the focus of many experts. This is the kind of warning they have given that the population is asked to stop consuming it, and there are several reasons for this.

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The worst fish we can eat. Eliminate it from your diet

when you hear the word surimi you may not know what this is about. However, saying baby eel or shrimp sticks is a change, right? Either way, it’s the same type fish.

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These little appetizers or tapas are available in several homes, you can even use them this Christmas. However, it is product which, far from looking healthy… is the complete opposite.

In fact, once you discover the reasons, you will be shut down. characteristic properties of fish The fresh ones that seemed to hold promise are only reduced to a series of processed products that are far from achieving the same properties.

This is the main reason that several doctors and nutritionists have discovered. Some of them even came to baptize this fish as the “Frankfurt of the sea”. As you can conclude, this name is really suspicious.

Miguel Angel Luruena, MD Food Science and Technologyexplained The Spaniards composition of this food. In particular, surimi consists of a gel that contains proteins and it works meat from fish.

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However, when it comes to processing it, it turns out that what is precisely eliminated are those most valuable parts. This, despite lowering costs, offers much poorer nutritional value.

And that’s when analyzing product question, you can see a lot Ingredients aggregates for health does not give any benefit. In fact, surimi can account for half of that product what are we buying?

The rest of what we can ingest from it will be based on other types of ingredients, such as different proteins of different origins. For example, we will talk about water, starch, sunflower oil, sugar and even food coloring.

If we compare what could have been and what is, we are left with only 0.1% crab substitute. For this reason, experts believe that we should take it out of our refrigerators, as its nutritional value leaves much to be desired.

There is a healthier option

While it is true that the surimi we can find in fish farms is not even close to a fish healthy, we should also consider that if we prepare it correctly, it can provide us with a large amount of protein.


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There are other much healthier seafoods, no doubt about it. However, if we don’t want to give them up, we can also choose our own preparation home. In fact, it is very simple to do.

We will need only 400 grams of white fish (for example, Hake), two tablespoons of wheat flour, two tablespoons of corn starch, one egg white and half a tablespoon of salt. When we have all this IngredientsWe will take steps.

First we need to clean up meat that fish, and then wash and drain. Once this is done, we grind it together with the rest Ingredients, and when it is a paste, we will stretch it. We can steam it for 50 minutes and when we let it cool… It’s done, we’ll have the recipe.

Surimi can be used the same day, although you can also put it in the refrigerator if you want. After cooking, it can last for two to three days. It’s a much healthier option, and of course your body will thank you.

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