The most popular spoon dishes in Andalucia

The wheat, the gurullos, the paprika or the asparagus can be good create dishes most popular in the province of Almería. Tasty throughout the year, but especially in winter.

And in Andalusia? Which spoon dishes, those of a lifetime, are the most popular? Well, the famous tourism booking portal Rural getaway collected all these recipes by communities. In all of them, the tradition and customs of each area come together.

In the case of the Andalusian community, three stand out, “since it is very difficult to choose just one spoon dish.” The selected ones are “the traditional gazpacho, the salmorejo and the delicious Andalusian stew”.

It may be the latter that is most popular when temperatures drop, “although gazpacho and its twin, salmorejo, are still one of the star dishes,” he points out. Rural getaway in this post. Although in Almería these last two dishes tend to be eaten more in the summer.

“The Andalusian stew is one of the traditional stews par excellence and his recipe is based on the slow cooking of various vegetables, meat (minced and mixed as a pringá served), chickpeas and bones (such as salty backbone or ham). Each corner of Andalucia has slight variations in terms of its preparation, but there is no doubt that it is a dish with a lot of history and much loved, since it can even be the basis of other dishes”, emphasizes this rural tourism booking portal.

The watercress stew, the mountain stew, the Castilian soup, the chanfaina and the Galician sauce are other proposals selected from other Spanish communities.

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