The service period is about to expire. 9 You can do with yogurt

This dairy product can be the star in many simple and delicious dishes

Greek yogurt cake

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It can be cheaper to buy saver packs of yogurt at the supermarket, but sometimes we don’t have time to use it before the best before date. Once passed, they can be eaten without risk to health, although they may lose their organoleptic properties. Before that happens, if you choose to spend them, prepare one of these recipes that we provide:




This is one of the star dishes of Greek cuisine. It is a sauce made with yogurt, pickled cucumber, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and sometimes parsley and mint. You can accompany it with toasted bread or serve it with different meats such as lamb. follow Cooking guide!

Lamb burger


Lamb burger with yogurt sauce

We will provide this quickly Cooking guide In this, lamb meat is combined with couscous and garlic, then fresh with mint, onion and some tomatoes. All this in a delicious yogurt sauce. You can lightly toast the bread for a crunchy bite.

Lamb skewers with yogurt sauce_LV


Lamb skewers with yogurt sauce

Lamb is the protagonist of this. Cooking guide. Before cooking, you should wash it for a day to get the most fragrant and delicious meat. Use the spices you like the most, they can be even spicy, and when the squirrel is ready, serve it with yogurt sauce. What a treat!

Turkey eggs with yogurt


Turkey eggs with yogurt

To prepare this dish, start by combining the yogurt with all the spices: garlic, bay leaves, salt and pepper. Serve in a deep container and put the eggs, you have to cook as indicated This recipe. It is rich, complete and above all, very simple. There’s another way to use those yogurts if they’re past their best-before date.

Chicken with yogurt sauce


Chicken with yogurt sauce

The curd will soften the chicken and make a light flavored soup, but do not overcook it, otherwise the meat will lose all its juice. It serves the plate With a little rice and you will have a very complete recipe.

Yogurt cake


Greek yogurt cake

is it Dessert Light and refreshing, it takes 40 minutes to prepare, and is very easy. You should mix the yogurt with eggs, sugar and corn starch until you get a homogeneous mass, pour it into a previously greased mold and bake for about 30 minutes. When the cake has cooled, put it in the refrigerator for 2 hours and that’s it! Garnish with your favorite fruits.



Fried yogurt

Using carnival celebrations, we recommend that you prepare Some delicious fritters. This recipe is simple and original. In addition, it is very versatile, so you can add pieces of raisins, bananas, nuts. They are also great if you make them without sugar and add chopped vegetables like zucchini or carrots.

Yogurt cake


Microwave yogurt cake

For starters of homemade desserts, yogurt cake is usually the starting point. of Cooking guide What we offer is prepared in the microwave, so it makes things easier, so there is no problem. Go ahead and prepare!



Red fruit and yogurt salad

If you want to prepare a simple dessert, take note This recipe Fruit salad with yogurt from Fundacó Alícia. You can take it after a meal or for breakfast.

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