the simplest and tastiest recipe you can make to fight the cold wave

When the coldest months of the year arrive in Spain, there is nothing better than being able to enjoy a good hot soup. It’s perfect for warming up and has a great flavor, In addition to providing hardly any calories and it helps you prepare a large number of recipes. Although some sauces that we can find in the market are good and have a wonderful flavor, there will be nothing better than preparing a homemade sauce to our taste.

For this reason, we bring you the simplest recipe for homemade sauce that you can make at home to fight the cold, with very easy-to-find ingredients and preparation that will take very little time. In reality, in just 40 minutes of quick pot you will have it ready to enjoy. Moreover, you do not need cooking knowledge to be able to enjoy this preparation.


The first thing to keep in mind to be able to enjoy a good homemade sauce is to know the ingredients you need to prepare this dish. In this case We are going to focus on making a chicken and vegetable broth.

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For this we need a pot with five liters of water, to which we will add two carrots, two chicken bodies, two leeks, four chicken legs and 200 grams of black pudding. In addition, from other vegetables such as potatoes, turnips or onions, we only need one unit of each, as they provide a wonderful flavor.

Similarly, we also need a chest of free-range chicken, a veal knee, two bay leaves and a celery stick. To give it more flavor, we also need parsley, pepper and salt to taste. In any case, you should make sure that the ingredients are of high quality, because this way the homemade sauce will have the best flavor.

Preparation of the simplest recipe for homemade sauce

The first thing to do to make your homemade chicken and vegetable broth taste good is to lightly brown the onion and chicken. To do this, a very small amount of oil will be used, so it will be better and it will be a recipe that is hardly fattening, with few calories. It is simple enough to go through the pan a little until they have the desired color.

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If we have large vegetables, we have to cut them and prepare them to add them to the pressure cooker and cook them, while if they fit We can save this step perfectly in the effects and we can put everything together without problems.

Now comes an important moment, and that is to prepare the sauce. To do this, it is as simple as adding all the mentioned ingredients in a quick pot with 5 liters of water. However, if you have a smaller pot or don’t want as much, you can adjust the proportions of meat and vegetables. You can also make adjustments to the ingredients depending on whether you prefer a more or less strong flavor.

Once the ingredients are added, it’s time to heat up and start cooking. However, before covering it, it should be noted that when the sauce is made, a small whitish layer is generated in the form of foam. This will make the board not look good, therefore it will be necessary to skim so that the final result is good.

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To carry out this action without losing liquid, we just need to take a slotted spoon and gradually remove the foam until there is nothing left. With a little patience you can remove them all.

Once it has skimmed, you only have to wait about 40 minutes in the pressure cooker for the sauce to be made. However, if you want more, when you have finished cooking, strain off half of the broth and keep it, add more water to the mixture and cook for another 20 minutes.

This will not only consist of draining it, but will serve to get more juice from the bones. With the bones, it is possible to get a lot of them, so you will be able to get a little more sauce thanks to this trick. Once we are done, we will have to press and combine everything in the first reserved sauce, so that everything has the same density and ratio. In addition, it is important to respect the preparation times, because if you go too far, you can ruin the preparation.

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Although you may be tempted to enjoy the sauce as soon as you finish it, It is best to let it cool. since in this way the fattiest part of the chicken, which is not the healthiest, will be separated from the liquid part. This way, you can remove it very easily by rendering the fat to a solid state. When you have removed it, you can reheat it and enjoy a better tasting and lighter chicken and vegetable broth. Also, if you want, you can keep it in the freezer for a long time, for which you will have to use tupperware.

How to accompany the homemade sauce?

Homemade chicken and vegetable broth is a very tasty recipe and perfect for fighting the cold, as it is ideal for warming up. You can take it alone or make other recipes or combine it with other foods, so you can enjoy it to the fullest. The most common is to cook the sauce with some noodles.

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However, it can also be the basis for a chicken broth, for a Castilian soup or to prepare sauces.

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