The three breakfast recipes offered by Mercadona are cheap Hacienda products

And It is important to eat breakfastchoose Getting enough food and energy to start the day in a healthy way The work of ten. Some say they can’t start the day without you Cafe Or those who need a good toast or the Morning juice; All this is equal, but it is always useful A little creative. For this reason, Mercadona gives us different ideas for waking up. Good mouth tastenever said.

As we all know, it is the first meal of the day Very important, and therefore you must take care of it completely. Although it may be suitable Balanced, healthy and varied dietFrom time to time, it does not hurt to surprise your stomach with something different, for example, some Eggs with baconFruit cone or even chocolate with churros.

Fruit, chocolate, cereals, fries, sausage, milk, juice… this is the food of the day. Libre As one wants and so on Personal According to your wishes, because it matches in terms of taste, There is nothing written. Although it is true that there is no perfect breakfast, if you have to eat it Lots of ingredients Like carbohydrates, proteins, quality fats and fruits.

A balanced breakfast is an example. Traditional Lifetime with Toasts Sliced ​​bread, with avocado, tomato, cottage cheese. Accompanied by a Fruit cone With kiwi, grapes and pineapple. and a Cafe Or with your favorite vegetable drink.

But if you are one of those who usually eat breakfast It’s easier, Mercadona offers another option. A plate with Porridge 0% kefir, oat flakes, orange segments, nectar and pumpkin seeds, from a Sauce Ginger. A quick, healthy idea with a sweet twist.

On the other hand, for those people a Vigorous physical activity If you want to consume more protein throughout the day, Mercadona offers a third option. Egg crumb With natural salmon, with a small cherry tomato, cucumber, sesame, oregano and olive oil salad. and a Natural yogurt glassWalnuts and cranberries.

But when these options are suitable All kinds of foodMercadona offers endless products to incorporate into any breakfast. For example, the usual Corn pancakes or rice, grains, peanut buttersauce, natural juice or even, sweet lovers, 100% pure cocoa.

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