the week of February 20

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    A healthy weekly menu doesn’t have to consist solely and exclusively of salads and light spreads. The key is to find a balance between all types of nutrients. That’s why we offer an ideal weekly menu for the fourth week of February, where the cold is still set in the thermometers. Add in a delicious fish casserole, a delicious and easy-to-prepare eggplant appetizer, and some lentils to repeat in the garden. Check out these easy and original recipe ideas to be super happy this week.

    Weekly menu from February 20 to 24

    Monday February 20

    Appetizer: beef and vegetable soup

    We’re kicking off the week with another dish: Beef Chops and Vegetable Soup. The result is very tasty, has a very good variety of ingredients and will heat up in seconds.

    Main: Mushroom Cannelloni by Delicious Martha

    To continue, we indulge in the mushroom cannelloni that Marta Sanahuja prepared for us. A very good option is to leave it ready on Sunday and just reheat it the same day. Long live the b├ęchamel!

    Tuesday February 21

    Appetizer. Eggplant with cheese and almonds

    A delicious snack to whet your appetite is these eggplant rolls stuffed with cheese and almonds. A very practical recipe for a weekly menu as they are eaten almost as a bite, you can make them in advance and they are very easy to take to work or eat at home.

    Main: Fish Pot

    It’s never too late to start a fish fry. If you want to learn how to make it, bet on this classic stew that you can enjoy during the week to entertain the sea. Advice: If you are going to take it to the office, ask the fishmonger to split it into two spines to make it more practical.

    fish pot

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    Wednesday February 22

    Basic: Lentils in a planter

    Our star recipe for this week’s menu of the week is lentils in the garden. This step-by-step guide will lead you to a completely vegan and very healthy traditional spoon dish, as we do away with the classic cold meat that adds fat.

    the lentil to the gardener

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    Dessert: marble cake

    Since lentils are a hearty dish, on Wednesday we’re going straight to dessert with a marbled sponge cake that you can make all week long. The perfect sweet touch to accompany you at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    Thursday February 23

    Appetizer: carrot and sprout cream

    In winter, we like to include hot creams in the weekly menu. This scallion recipe is easy to make, cheap, and everyone loves it.

    Mains: sirloin and cheese sandwiches

    Since the first one is pretty light, we’ll finish with some delicious sandwiches and cheese sandwiches. This week we are treating ourselves to a bread treat.

    ham and cheese sandwiches

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    Friday, February 24

    Appetizer with Zucchini Leeks and Salmon

    Zucchini is a staple in our fridge because we can treat them in so many ways. One that we love and haven’t used in a while is the stuffed version. Leeks and salmon go perfectly together.

    leek and salmon stuffed zucchini

    Main: Ricotta, pineapple and strawberry tartlet

    The first joy of the weekend has a sweet and slightly sour taste thanks to the fruits. This ricotta, pineapple and strawberry tartlet is a wonderful and very practical way to round off a weekly menu. You can enjoy what’s left over the weekend.

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