This is the hidden detail you should look for before buying a fan

The air fryer became known as the “oven replacement”. In addition, it took the place of the classic pan with oil for frying food and has become one of the dishes to this day; best-selling home appliances for Christmas, Black Friday and other dates.

This popularity has certainly helped social networks. More and more profiles are sharing recipes with a fan as the main protagonist. This allows to obtain a the finish is the same as it is allowed to fry in oil, with the advantage that the percentage much less fat.

Just as food processors first took off in the kitchen, so now is the air conditioner’s time. Waves air fryer, with an English name. Its popularity has resulted in hundreds of people within a few months brands have introduced offers in the market this device from your own brand. Logically, this leads to price drop. It is currently available in stores such as: Lidl for less than €50.

Advantages of Air Fryers

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about the benefits of a fan is that healthier, faster and cheaper. However, you have to consider what you are comparing it to. although there is “fryer” in the name, the reality is that it does. more like a miniature oven than with that other device.

This is why you use it to cook food. hot air and fan; On the other hand, a regular fryer needs oil. The important thing is that, logically, by removing this food from the recipe, the meals will have less added fat and therefore will be: essentially healthier.

  • More healthy. This is something that has already been mentioned before and, obviously, it is not something that can be denied. Removing fat or oil from frying means cutting calories and therefore resulting in a healthier product. However, there is some foods that need a little oil for more flavor or texture.
  • More efficient. this is not completely accurate and applicable to any device, but rather depends on what it is being compared to. Being faster, smaller and requiring no pre-heating it is more efficient than a conventional furnace of those that are lifelong. However, it is less efficient than a conventional oil fryerbecause it takes more energy and time to clean the dishes.
  • More economical. First of all, usually buying an air fryer more expensive than usual. But the added costs should be taken into account. should be used in traditional ones oil, which means more money. In comparison with A stovealthough they are not identical clearly wins air fryer.
  • The most versatile. Being in the middle of the oven and the pan is the advantage of air fryers. The same goes for cooking. a fish, replacing the grill, like “roasted” meat or roasting some potatoes.
  • Faster. being smaller and more powerful it is faster than a stove; The same does not happen when compared with traditional ones. Most air fryers require several 20 minutess, for example, to fry some potatoes; they oil do it in much less time.
  • It is easier to clean. produce less waste than a conventional fryer and because it needs less grease, it is easier to keep in perfect condition. Also, their baskets are usually convenient too dishwasher. Care should also be taken in its storage so that it is not lost non-stick.

What to consider before buying this device?

Fried squid. Photo: Pixabay

Although everything is praised when it comes to air conditioners, you also have to consider The other side of the coin. He the number of people for which it will be necessary to prepare or time To do this, there are some details to consider before making this investment. The main disadvantages of the fan are as follows:

  • The time. whether they’re frozen or fresh, you need them more for cooking than a traditional pan. In them, a 10-minute cooking time can turn into 20 minutes air fryer and the more it is, the slower it will be.
  • Its use: You should exercise awareness before buying it, because there are many times when you buy something that later ends up in a corner collecting dust. Being human, who? eats a lot of fried foods and wants to avoid fried foods and grills so this is a good option.
  • Space. Although there are many sizes, whether it’s for just two people or family size, they usually do so big True, they are smaller than an oven, as you might think, but not a traditional toaster. Actually the problem comes because They are usually taller, so if the kitchen has enough space, it can be difficult to find a place for it.

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