This is the recipe for Tuna Tartare with Kalchot

We are in full season underwear and “pants” They are the order of the day for many groups of friends and families to spend the weekend together.

The most common way to prepare this onion the competition to bonfire and accompanied by a delicious sauce Romesco. But in addition to this classic recipe, there are other amazing recipes that make the most of kale, such as kale croquettes and Tuna Tartare with Calciotti that we will tell them in the sequel.

What ingredients can be used to make Tuna Tartare with Kalchot?

Bluefin tuna for tartar.

  • Red tuna
  • Soy sauce
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Lima

For the caramelized kalshots:

  • underwear
  • bay leaf
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Meat broth
  • Corn starch
  • Sal:
  • Pepper

How do you make Tuna Tartare with Kalchot?

As a size securityyou should to freeze bluefin tuna in between cinco y: seven days to avoid my saddle. As he tells Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN), “it’s anisakis parasite which can be found in fish and cephalopods and cause the changes digestive and reactions allergic which can sometimes be gravesAESAN recommends freezing fish at “temp -20 °C or lower“.

One day before to prepare the recipe, pulls out tuna freezer and let him go melting in refrigerator.

You have already seen that it requires good previous preparation, but the wait is worth it.

come the day short small bluefin tuna the data. Then mix A He was 100 milliliters of sauce militaryadd little by little oil olive and remove slowly until it stays uniform.

When it is ready, add some flavor to it. lima and a splash of his juice and put in the tuna. Mix it up to get it right absorbedbut be careful not to break the pieces.

Now it’s time to cook the calzot. In this case, we are going to make them caramelizedfollowing the recipe IGP Calçot de Valls.

First put 40 grams butter in the pan so that it melts with it laurel. At the same time, for y: clean the clutch is good reductions also in small pieces.

Remove the bay leaf and add them to the paella until they are done golden, pepper themadd two tablespoons heat meat (hot and reduced) and let the cooking continue. cooking topped with paella.

except, don’t potput two tablespoons sugar and continue whisking until caramelized. At this moment, add a little more broth and continue stirring. Once the broth has dissolved, put in the rest of your butter and stock and wait doren. Add half a tablespoon Corn starch and a little more broth. All this should be mixed very well.

At this point you already have two main preparations separately. Just gone mix them up and enjoy!

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