Treat yourself to these 4 delicious breakfasts to start the day right

According to the specialized portal, experts say that not eating breakfast contributes to weight gain, which in the long run, means that when you wake up and do not eat, the energy reserves in the body decrease, which is why the brain starts. It is better to look for ingredients where you can Nourish the body from morning hoursIt can be a time to enjoy with family or with yourself.

Now, although it’s very common for people to drink red wine with bread or toast, it’s important to know that protein keeps a person more energetic in the morning and above all helps to maintain the level. Sugar and cholesterol and the right situation above all give the usual cravings for sweets and chips in the middle of the morning.

Yogurt with granola and fruits; Regarding yogurt, you can choose which type is best for your body and in some cases it can be very difficult from the morning, but it is good to start knowing if it is possible to implement it in the diet. Plain yogurt or Greek yogurt is high in protein. On the other hand, there is nothing better in the morning than some delicious fruit in vitamins.

Avocado Toast. Photo: Pixabay @pen_ash

Toast/arepa with avocado and eggAvocado is one of the most complete foods in the world, and it’s not bad to use it every day, and it’s full of good fats for the body, so what better way to use it than the right way? morning. Use an arepa or toast as a base, add avocado slices to your liking and top this egg with your favorite presentation.

Small pancakes For the lovers of pancakes, the mini version comes in the morning, and it is basically the same preparation, but in a smaller version, giving it a new approach and the good thing is that it can be eaten as a cereal and combined with fruits. Strawberries, bananas and strawberries.

overnight oats; This preparation is perfect for those who have little time in the morning and only need about 10 minutes at night, all you need is yogurt, Greek or regular, a cup of oat flakes, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, honey or stevia in the case. As for using plain Greek yogurt, the nuts of your choice are cut into small pieces and some chocolate chips if you want to give the subject more energy.

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