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He Egg Probably not The most eaten food in the world. It can be prepared in many ways, fried, cooked, boiled and even added to hundreds of recipes. It’s a perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner. And that’s it, who can resist some eggs with potatoes? Or a good omelette? In fact, there are very few people who refuse this delicious food. But be careful! because of It is important to consider many aspects before eating them. which one We will reveal them in Now or never!

Manuel G√≥mez, better known as Chef Lolo, has expressed a lot of enthusiasm about eggs, the star dish in kitchens around the world. And it’s an egg, nutritionally speaking It is one of the most complete and useful foods in terms of protein, carbohydrates, cholesterol… And for this reason, before taking them, it is important to know the series of aspects. Should we put it in the fridge? What should never be done? Is there a trick to not breaking it? We got this and more.

Egg secrets with Chef Lolo

Check out the Egg Cod!

The first thing to start talking about eggs is to know which ones to buy in the supermarket. From that base they can’t fool us now because all the eggs are a Bar code And in this comes the countdown that indicates the origin of the egg. How does it work? This is the first number that appears in the code and goes from 0 to 3:

  • 0 is from organic chicken
  • 1 They are fed free-range chickens, but they are free in the wild
  • 2 The chicken is in a closed yard, it also eats cattle feed, but it is free in that place.
  • 3 They are talking about chickens that are just plain.

Does color symbolize something? And does size matter?

The color simply indicates the food. But we are not talking about the color of the shell, but about the color of the egg once hatched. It only tells us if the shell is chicken or other. For example, as Chef Lolo explains, the famous blue eggs are derived from a ‘virus’ in a type of chicken that causes the blue color to enter the egg.

What size to choose, depends on each taste. This varies according to the age of the chicken and ranges from XS to XL.

  • Egg size XS: when it contains about 53 grams
  • Egg size S: How much is between 53-63 grams
  • Egg size M: How much is 63 to 73 grams.
  • And from 73 or 78 grams of eggs we are talking about L or XL.

Should I refrigerate the egg?

This is probably one of the most talked about doubts about eggs. It is a very common question when someone buys eggs In the supermarket, they are usually not in the refrigerator or in the cold room, but then why at home?

The eggs are a Light transparent coating that protects against bacteria stored in the area. This is a thin layer Very intelligent And it can be broken by the most sudden change. Temperature. For this reason, supermarkets keep the eggs outside the refrigerator, so when you buy them, when you take them out to the street and put them in the cold, this thin layer does not break and the egg remains preserved.

From this point of view, the perfect place for egg protection in A Cool and dry place. that’s why It is recommended in the refrigerator. There will not be such drastic changes. However, Chef Lolo makes sure it’s okay to go outside during the winter. Although it is very important to keep them in the refrigerator during the summer.

How to cook an egg and not break it? Fraud

Often the eggs break after being thrown into the water. This is due to sudden temperature change. Here’s a little trick that Chef Lolo revealed to us. Add a vinegar to the cooking water. Also, it makes the shell a little different and easier to peel.

As information, After the egg is cooked, it can be kept in the refrigerator. How long does it last? It is not recommended to take more than 4 or 5 days. Of course, to make it loose already, which can also be done, you have to put it in a container with clean water.

You should never do with eggs

In recent days, the issue of “salmonellosis” was the focus of today. This type of food poisoning is caused by bacteria that can live in eggs, which is why it is recommended Do not eat them raw. That is, if we want to use the recipes with a little curdled yogurt or without preparing it directly, we must always take into account the possibility of food poisoning.

This type of bacteria is normally found in the shell, which is why. Also, using the latter as a separator is not good for separating the white from the yolk. The same thing can happen when you break the egg into a bowl and transfer it to the pan, because breaking the egg on the edge can cause it. Cross contamination With that salmonella, that is, you have to be very careful because it is accidentally transferred from food or equipment to another food.

How many eggs can we eat a day?

Experts also recommend Avoid washing the eggs at all costsBecause the shell is very porous, doing so can introduce dirt or other forms of bacteria into the egg. And, under no circumstances should you re-use the water used to boil the egg, as the shell may contain any traces of contamination.

It is also very important Wash your hands every time you touch an eggAt the bacterial level, handling eggs is like handling raw meat or fish.

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