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A delicious soup is always possible.

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Vegetable, chicken or cream soup – no matter what soup you eat dearest eat, there are some things that go wrong could. But note the following Markscan you Mistakes in making soup prevent

Too spicy roasted aromas to get, will a lot Ingredients first fried in fat or oil in a soup. Especially when Meat going over, you have to remember that it already is Fat contains. So be it sparinglyso that in the end no disgusting greasy film floating on the soup. If this happens to you, you can kitchen paper fold squarely and carefully over the surface move to the Fat eye record.

You leave your soup strong after a very short time bring to a boilcould it be that some flavors from others drowned become For a more versatile and intense The taste you better eat the soup slowly simmer bring and the flavors themselves unfold permit.

Some of the good ones roasted aromas we already talked fatal consequences for the taste it has when you die though Soup herbs already add and fry. Because they’re going to be right bitter. Normal Spice like pepper, chili and co., but you can my voice. by the way: If possible preferred fresh instead of dried Use herbs to get a special flavor.

As the name suggests, you want to achieve a creamier, more viscous consistency in a cream soup. That is why it is important to proceed here step by step. That’s all for now Water, as the ingredients must boil. Then puree and, depending on the condition, add water or broth. Above all mealy potatoes also helps you get the perfect creaminess with pumpkin, courgette soup and kie. it is too liquidyou can them with something Starch or mashed potato powder as well as sour cream or sour cream the court.

Just like fat, some have soup ingredients one by default salty taste. Then if you add more to that, you’ve got yourself a quick fix to salt. Therefore, it is always best to have one taste sample do and above all only at the end final kick of spice give, even though all flavors are through cook unfolded.

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